1. Repairs that are the result of the vehicle not being maintained in accordance with the Lexus service schedule.
  2. Any repairs undertaken by other than an authorised Lexus Dealer or Lexus Parts and Service Dealer.
  3. Any duplication of repairs, repairs improperly performed or replacements improperly installed by other than an authorised Lexus Dealer.
  4. Any repairs due to the replacement of parts other than the manufacturer-approved parts or due to the use of fuel, lubricants or fluids other than those specifically recommended by Lexus New Zealand.
  5. Any damage from any type of accident or act of omission, which is wilful, unlawful or negligent, or any resultant damage due to lack of maintenance, abuse or neglect.
  6. Where the owner breaches any manufacturers or statutory warranty.
  7. Where the vehicle has any experimental equipment, modification on any body or chassis component, trim of any description, or change of component specification.
  8. Where the odometer fitted to the vehicle is altered or replaced (except under warranty).
  9. Where the vehicle has been used in competition, rally or racing, or has been subjected to extraordinary use, such as (but not limited to) mining, police or emergency operation, or otherwise damaged by neglect, accident, faulty repairs or improper use.
  10. Any third party property damage or bodily injury attributable to the owner of the contract.
  11. Any damage resulting from industrial or environmental conditions.
  12. Replacement of tyres.
  13. Any Lexus vehicles used for, including; but not limited to, taxi, Uber, rental, courier, or security are limited to travelling 90,000km or four years* under the Full Maintenance Service Plan in the Lexus Care package (*whichever occurs first under normal operating conditions). Kilometres remain unlimited for the vehicles under the Lexus Care Warranty for four years.
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