Your new Lexus vehicle comes with a full maintenance plan that covers all parts and labour costs for a period of four years with unlimited kilometers. With our exacting service and maintenance standards by specially trained Lexus technicians, your Lexus will always be at its best.

  • Your vehicle will follow the recommended servicing schedule which includes inspection, adjustment or replacement of necessary items.

  • All other reasonable maintenance and repair costs directly associated with the recommended service schedule will also be covered, except service plan exclusions.

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  • The Vehicle Inspection Certificate is required and covered under this plan.

Transfer service plan

The Lexus Service Plan is fully transferable to the subsequent owner of this vehicle. A transfer of ownership card is provided at the back of the Lexus Full Maintenance Service Plan booklet. It is however, not transferable from one vehicle to another.


When you buy a Lexus, you'll not only enjoy the vehicle's unparalleled luxury and advanced technology, but also the complete customer care experience. From regular servicing requirements to emergency roadside assistance, Lexus has got it covered.


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