Fuel for the Future

Hydrogen, solar, electric, biofuel, diesel and gasoline. There are many potential fuel sources available, but Lexus has always maintained that the real fuel of the future will be ideas that allow the viable combination of multiple power sources.

Lexus Hybrid Drive opens the doors for new levels of efficiency with the flexible combination of two different power sources — most commonly an electric motor and a petrol engine.


A Core Lexus Technology

The concept of Lexus Hybrid Drive has been a core technology for many years, beginning with the launch of the RX 400h in 2004. As the world’s first luxury hybrid SUV, the vehicle changed the way consumers thought about environmentally friendly cars. With the LC 500h’s Multi-stage Hybrid System, we pushed the boundaries of technology once again, combining hybrid efficiency with the power of a high-performance petrol engine.


    Lexus Hybrid Drive is the most sophisticated hybrid technology on the planet, simultaneously delivering quiet, fuel-efficient power, and clean emissions.


    The power-split device is at the heart of Lexus Hybrid Drive — a technology developed to make the smartest use of any available energy sources.


    With Lexus hybrid technology, you know you can always expect a drive that’s as smooth as it is electrifying.

The Evolution of Efficiency

There are four key pillars to the Lexus Hybrid Drive concept: to achieve a dynamic, engaging drive, to maximize fuel efficiency, to be clean, and lastly, to be quiet.

Dynamic Driving

The combination of Lexus Hybrid Drive (LHD) and Electronic Continuous Variable Transmission (ECVT) provides two sensational acceleration experiences for the driver with Normal and Sport modes. ECVT blends the ideal mix of engine and electric power — according to driving conditions — to create smooth and seamless acceleration.

Fuel Efficiency

Unlike gasoline-only engines, a Lexus hybrid doesn’t idle when standing still, which means it uses zero fuel. As the hybrid slows down, the gasoline engine is cut until it is needed again at higher speeds. When decelerating or breaking, Lexus Hybrid Drive turns that friction into energy that is stored in the battery for later use.

Quiet Performance

Lexus Hybrid Drive also helps fight noise pollution. With the car running exclusively on the electric motor in EV mode, night driving doesn't have to wake the neighbors.

Clean Operation

Lexus emissions are ultra-low, and we continue looking for new ways to achieve our goal of zero emissions. Beyond the road, we carry the zero emissions concept over all areas of our business. The power of hybrid means there are no compromises.

World’s first multi-stage hybrid

The LC 500h’s revolutionary Multi-stage Hybrid System represents the future of performance hybrid technology. By combining an automatic transmission with a CVT, it enables seamless gear shifts for a visceral drive unprecedented in a hybrid vehicle.

When it comes to hybrid vehicles, people often expect efficiency to be achieved at the expense of performance. At Lexus, we set out to prove otherwise.

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