Lexus Financial Services New Zealand is a car leasing company that offers the full range of fleet management, car leasing and financing options. Our range of vehicle leasing and fleet management products are tailored to meet the needs of businesses or individuals who require single, or a fleet of vehicles. Contact your Lexus dealer or call 0800 4 LEXUS (0800 453 987) to discuss which lease or fleet management product would best suit your needs.

  • Full Maintenance or Non-maintained Operating Lease

    • Fixed monthly rentals
    • No residual value risk on your vehicle
    • Lease payments are tax deductible
    • Efficient use of capital
    • Replace or return the vehicle at the end of the plan
    • Low initial outlay
    • Maintenance and servicing included (Full Maintenance Lease only)
  • Vantage or Finance Lease

    • Low initial outlay (from one monthly payment)
    • Fixed monthly payments
    • Tax deductions (for businesses)
    • Option to include servicing and maintenance
    • Option to offer to purchase the vehicle at the end of the plan
    • Protect resale value with guaranteed minimum value option (Vantage Lease only)
  • Fleet Management

    • Specialised fleet management
    • Can own or lease
    • Improves vehicle administration
    • Improves financial management of fleets
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