Two raw sisters with lexus

We have partnered with Two Raw Sisters, the Christchurch based foodies bringing a breath of fresh air to food and health, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share this partnership with you. Rosa and Margo are the bubbly, kind sisters behind the brand and have recently been enjoying riding around town in their new UX 250h. We've created an extra special video celebrating our partnership, which you can view below.

Creativity and quality drive our Lexus vehicles, much like those values that drive their recipes and business practices. Through hospitality, craftsmanship, locality, and sustainability, we couldn’t have chosen a better partnership. Join us as we experience amazing together.


    Inspired by the positive changes a plant based diet had on their health, Margo and Rosa created Two Raw Sisters to inspire others to
    switch up their meals as well. With easy-to-follow recipes and cost effective ingredients, the Two Raw Sisters ethos is to welcome all
    eaters, not just vegans and vegetarians. Not strictly plant based eaters themselves, they simply encourage others to find inspiration
    through their wholefoods recipes.


    At Lexus of Christchurch, we feel it is important to invest in our city and want to encourage the vibrant spirit we see growing all around
    us. Two Raw Sisters, with their workspace in the newly opened Welder, exemplify this through their workshops that welcome the community and encourage healthy eating.


    Margo and Rosa Flanagan are the visionaries behind the Two Raw Sisters increasingly popular cooking workshops. They now present their quick, easy and tasteful recipes in this easy-to-use cookbook designed for your convenience to get you effortlessly incorporating more plants into your everyday lives. From sustaining breakfasts to fast dinners, and tasty work lunches to mouth-watering treats. They encourage minimal use of expensive ingredients, and instead focus on utilising seasonal produce and everyday pantry staples.


    If you haven't seen their Instagram stories, we highly recommend following along for great food tips and a good belly laugh, plus their thoughts on their new UX 250h Lexus they named Lexie.

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